Giving Thanks…
There are a few people that I would like to thank that
  believed in when I thought   otherwise:                         
Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston: Keep doing what
  you are doing; Thanks for everything.                                       
Mom: Thanks for making me finish everything and
  buying what I need for the site, Love you.  
Kelsey Brown: Thank you for having my back, I think I will definitely get a lot accomplished with you on my team. I can’t wait until I can purchase your music.
Shane "Shiz Gotti" Brown: A million thank you's wouldn't be enough to say how grateful I am for you. Much love to you and your family! Thanks Shiz.
Landon Brown: You’re so sweet, thank you for everything. I am looking forward to watching your career blossom.
LeLe, Pops, LaPrincia and the Security team: Thanks for showing me so much love this was the best weekend of my life thus far.
Tramel: Thank you for taking the time to show me
ends and outs of the internet, you know what you  
I love you so much for it.  
Ms. Sample: Thank you for your continue support of
  Whitney and Bobby.                                                                 
Jarrett: I really don't know what to say, I owe you a
  lot and I hope one day I will be able to repay you for   all your knowledge; If I can't your grandmother got   you, LOL                                                 
Sylwia: Thank you for helping me out taking time
out of your busy schedule, your support and  
friendship are treasured.    
Dzemil: I do not even know how to start to thank you
  for all that you are doing for me. The gratitude and   love I have for you is endless, Thank you!  
Mr. Jimmy Kimmel: You made one of my biggest dream a reality for that I am truly grateful,
Thank you so very much.   
To my friends/the BBO Family: Mahogani, Tabitha, Kimberly and Aleece thanks for all of
your support and encouragement.  
To the fans: Thank you for taking the time to visit
site, Bobby will show the world what we already   know.                                    
With the greatest sincerity, Keisha "Project Princess"


   Copyright 2004-2005 ProjectPrincess, Inc.