Tuesday, November 11, 2008


THE hottest after-hours party in Hollywood isn't at a club - it's at Eddie Murphy's Beverly Hills bachelor pad. One source said, "Eddie has taken the after-hours party up a notch since he's been single. Murphy and Johnny Gil [who lives in the sprawling manse's guesthouse] have been holding bowling tournaments in the house's bowling alley almost every weekend. He even hired DJ Ruckus to spin one party." Guests have in cluded Busta Rhymes, Bobby Brown and Dallas Austin. "When Bobby was there, they messed with him and kept playing songs by [Brown's ex] Whitney Houston." A rep for Murphy didn't return e-mails.


Monday, November 10, 2008

David Foster Talks About Bobby

David Foster, the great Canadian song-enabler, has worked with 'em all, but he retains a special place in his heart for one Whitney Houston.

When he collaborated with the superstar songbird way back when on the soundtrack of The Bodyguard, Foster enjoyed that rare kind of lightning-in-a-bottle-success. "In the months and years that followed," Foster writes in his new memoir, Hitman (Simon & Schuster), he often heard I Will Always Love You "described as the 'the love song of the century,' and I'm not going to argue with that."

And what about Bobby Brown, her future husband and then future ex? Foster says he was "there all the time'" in the control room, "egging her on." He goes on: "They were inseparable and fuelled each other with their manic energy, and she missed Bobby whenever he left the studio."

For the record, the great Canadian impresario insists here, "I didn't see any hint of abuse, or of drugs, but they certainly seemed addicted to each other. They loved each other to a point of serious co-dependency, and when Bobby was gone too she'd begin to fade. Maybe it was love's version of the shakes."



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