Saturday, October 18, 2008

Heads of State on V103 (Atlanta Radio Station)

Johnny Gill once told me that he would never do another show with Bobby Brown (laugh) guess that's changed, then again, money, or the lack therof, does that (whew, I kill me). Notice Johnny is a bit reserved, a bit ill at ease as if "Sexy" Wanda Smith, hey...that's her name on the show, is going to ask him about Eddie Murphy or something.. Then Frank takes us way back to 1964 to talk about a club experience with New Edition, check it out..

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Friday, October 03, 2008

CMT's 'Outsiders Inn' closes season as a (ratings) winner

Well, somebody had to be watching it. CMT comedy series -- and, as a critic, I use that term loosely -- "Outsiders Inn" wraps up its first season tonight with fairly solid ratings. The series, shot in Newport, Tenn., was 20 percent above most CMT primetime programming for the quarter in viewers 18 to 49. CMT has not announced yet if the series will return, but the numbers seem strong enough. Even if the show returns, it may not go back to Newport or the inn. Bobby told me in July he's all for going back to Newport. Producer Jay Renfroe, a Knoxville native, says a second-season "Inn" would have plenty of tales yet to do in Cocke County and, maybe, tourist-rich Sevier County. "Inn" stars Maureen McCormick, Bobby Brown and Carnie Wilson and follows their staged efforts to run a bed-and-breakfast operation in the small town.

"Inn" premiered to a solid audience in August. Knoxville provided the show's largest audience during the premiere, according to CMT, with a 1.83 household rating. Nationally, 442,000 viewers tuned in for the premiere, making "Inn" one of CMT's highest-rated series debuts for the year.

Residents of Newport seemed publicly enthused about "Inn" even after the premiere. Signs went up at a few local businesses asking locals to tune in. Though locals liked the idea of just being seen on national television, Newport officials could not immediately provide any firm numbers on the economic impact that the production may have had. "Inn" had dozens of production crew members working in Cocke County for several weeks during the middle of the summer.


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