Monday, July 28, 2008

Bobby Brown vows to make public service videos to help kids

Bad boy Bobby Brown is singing a different tune since promising to mentor Brockton youths five months ago in exchange for the courts brooming a state police investigation into his alleged possession of cocaine.

The Grammy Award-winning ex-Mr. Whitney Houston, while polishing up his star for a potential comeback, will honor the second chance he's been given by creating and appearing in public service announcements encouraging local youths to do as he says, not as he's previously done, the Herald has learned.

"He's going to fund them, obviously, on his own. There'll be no cost to the state," Brown's Boston attorney Stephanie Soriano said. "This is something he's very interested in doing."

Soriano doesn't yet know if Brown, 39, will address drugs per se. He agreed to community service in February to ward off a potential criminal coke charge and has one year to follow through.

But, Soriano said, the idea behind the PSAs is, " 'Hey, look, no one's above the law, not even me. Whether you're famous, not famous, black, white, young, old, you have to abide by the law.'

"I think that's a good message coming from someone who still has a connection to young people," she said.

The Roxbury native and former New Edition sensation was summonsed to Brockton District Court for a show-cause hearing earlier this year after state police claimed they found him with cocaine inside a Lincoln Navigator on Dec. 1 outside a Brockton Holiday Inn.

Soriano said the recorded PSAs will have "a Brockton emphasis," but will be made available to anyone interested.

While the City of Champions awaits Brown's educational cautionary tales, the star of television's "Being Bobby Brown" and "Gone Country" has a third reality series coming out next month on the CMT Network called, "Outsider's Inn."

Brown serves as entertainment director at a Tennessee bed and breakfast run by Maureen "Marcia Brady" McCormick. Pop singer Carnie Wilson is the cook.

Neither Brown nor his manager returned calls seeking comment. The artist, according to his Web site, also has a new album being released this summer and is writing a kiss-and-tell autobiography.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Bobby Brown: Relationship with Whitney Houston Is 'Cordial'

Bobby Brown and his ex-wife Whitney Houston are back to being on civil terms after going through an acrimonious split and custody battle.

"We're cordial," Brown said last Thursday at the CMT session for the television critics association press tour in Beverly Hills. "We're friends."

The former couple have remained civil, he says, for the sake of their 15-year-old daughter Bobbi Kristina. "She's doing really well and growing up really good," he adds of his daughter, who lives in Atlanta with her mom.

Meanwhile, Brown is returning to reality TV in August as he teams up with Maureen McCormick and Carnie Wilson for the CMT show Outsider's Inn, a spin-off of sorts from the first season of Gone Country in which the three reunite to run a bed and breakfast.

McCormick has called the program "a mix of the Bob Newhart Show, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Simple Life and The Office." McCormick is the innkeeper, Carnie Wilson is the cook, and Brown - of course – is the entertainment coordinator.

Despite suffering a mild heart attack last year, Brown, who plans release a tell-all book soon and has a new album due in August, assures that his "health is fine."

But during a taping of his show, he was worried about a different kind of bodily harm. Shooting! In an Outsider's Inn episode, Brown goes bear hunting with the locals. "I just made sure I stayed in the back because sometimes when you're going out in the woods with a bunch of rednecks the dark one gets shot," he says. "So I stayed in the back with my gun, ready, just in case they made a mistake and pointed things my way."

Still he adds, "It was a lot of fun chasing bears through the woods. You wouldn't expect me to enjoy that but I did."

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Bobby: New Edition Brown Out "Best Thing for Me"

It remains to be seen whether New Edition and New Kids on the Block teaming up will be a super group or more of a stupor group. But whatever happens, it's all gravy to a suddenly philosophical Bobby Brown, who now sees getting kicked out of New Edition years ago as a good thing when viewed in the rearview mirror:

"It was only them kicking me out the group that made me like, 'Yo, if I don't succeed, I ain't going to be [nothing] back home.' But these Brothers did the best thing for me that could ever possibly be done. Teach me a lesson," Brown tells Jet magazine in this week's, um, new edition.

So far, there's no guarantee Bobby will be part of the New/New amalgamation, but New Edition sources say they'll definitely have a sixth mic ready. Because, y'know, it's his prerogative.

Jet Magazine Hit Stands Monday July 7

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Maureen McCormick with the help of her GONE COUNTRY housemates Bobby Brown and Carnie Wilson Attempt to Run a Southern Bed and Breakfast

Production is Currently Underway; Series Premieres in August 2008

Popular GONE COUNTRY cast mates, Maureen McCormick, Bobby Brown and Carnie Wilson are heading south again in the new eight-episode CMT reality series, OUTSIDER'S INN. Premiering Friday, August 15, OUTSIDER'S INN documents the toils and troubles that ensue when McCormick makes the unlikely decision to run a bed and breakfast in rural east Tennessee, and enlists the help of Brown and Wilson. Production is currently underway in Newport, Tenn.

OUTSIDER'S INN begins when McCormick stumbles upon an inn that overlooks the Great Smoky Mountains and decides to lease it with the option to buy. Upon realizing the gravity of this undertaking, McCormick brings in Brown and Wilson to assist her in this new endeavor. Each cast mate takes over a specific duty within the inn: McCormick takes over management of the Inn and property; Brown becomes entertainment director; and Wilson assumes the role of master chef. Without much time to settle into their roles, guests start checking in and each episode features new eclectic houseguests, as well as new problems for the trio to tackle.

OUTSIDER'S INN is executive produced by David Garfinkle and Jay Renfroe of Renegade 83 Productions. Claire McCabe, Bob Kusbit and John Hamlin serve as executive producers for CMT.


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