Thursday, July 26, 2007

Gallery Update

I'm finally working on updating the gallery (I still need to fix a few things):), I added pics of Bobby arriving in both Sydney and Melbourne, enjoy!



Bobby Brown signs off

It might not have been enough to get him kicked out of the country, but bad boy Bobby Brown's conduct while in Sydney has been far from angelic.

The 38-year-old singer, whose visa was approved on the condition of good behaviour, certainly left his mark when he partied at Cockle Bay night spot Cargo Bar on the weekend.

Accompanied by his entourage, the Grammy-award winning artist took over the pool room in the early hours of Sunday morning after flying back to town from his Brisbane concert.

After dirty dancing with some local lasses, he scrawled "Love Bobby Brown'' on the pool table's metal rim.

A staff member was left to scrub it off the next day.

Sounds more like a job for someone who should be doing community service to us.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bad Boy Bobby Has Cleaned Up His Act

With a reputation over the years of being a bad boy, R&B singer Bobby Brown is out on the road again (it's been more than ten years since he visited Australia) performing his Greatest Hits' tour in support of his album launch earlier this year. The 38 year old scandal-plagued, ill-tempered and frequently arrested singer, who was once married to diva Whitney Houston, has cleaned up his act and has been building a new life, putting his energy into his music.

Robert Berisford Brown, better known as Bobby, hit the stage at the Enmore Theatre to an audience filled with 80's Bobby Brown lovers, curious to see if Mr. Brown still had his voice, moves and style from his heyday. With just the right balance of smooth and harmonies, he managed to combine tracks that transported his audience back in time with hits such as Roni, My Prerogative, Every Little Step, On Our Own and Humpin Around all songs that put Brown on top of the world back in the day

Whilst on tour in Australia, Brown has said that he has boosted the behind-the-scenes security, after Bin Laden had apparently threatened to do him harm so he could make Whitney Houston one of his wives. Don't know if that is true or not? I figure if Bin Laden wants me, and everybody is looking for him, it probably won't happen, Brown said.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bobby Brown in NZ despite campaign to keep him out

Bad boy American singer Bobby Brown is in Auckland for a one night show, despite calls for him to be prevented entry to the country.

Women's Refuge and a Rotorua MP raised questions about the appropriateness of the tour because of Brown's criminal record which includes drug offences and battery charges against his former wife Whitney Huston.

Brown says the cancellation of the Rotorua leg of his visit had nothing to do with the push to keep him out - instead saying the timing was not right.

He says while he found the campaign to keep him out a little "strange" it has not put him off performing here in the future.

You can also watch a small interview with Bobby here.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Singer's visa trouble 'helped ticket sales'

Promoters for bad-boy singer Bobby Brown claim immigration problems were partly behind his tour of New Zealand being cut to just one show.

Brown - whose troubled past includes drug charges and charges of battery against his former wife, singer and actress Whitney Houston - was due to arrive in Auckland this morning before his show in Manukau tomorrow.

Brown topped the charts in the 80s and 90s with hits including Don't Be Cruel, My Prerogative and Every Little Step.

He was originally scheduled to perform twice in New Zealand but Showtime OPP Touring director Ashley Ratten said a Rotorua show was cut because of poor ticket sales and immigration problems.

Confused fans contacted the Herald after the cancellation of the Rotorua show asking if the Auckland show was going ahead.

Mr Ratten said they focused on getting permission for the singer to enter Australia first because of "negative press" in New Zealand.

Rotorua MP Steve Chadwick raised the singer's trip with Immigration Minister David Cunliffe this month, asking if Brown should be allowed in the country because of his past.

Brown's visa application had not reached officials when the story hit the headlines,.

Mr Ratten said the application was lodged about seven working days ago and he got confirmation the singer would be allowed in on Saturday.

A source close to the promoters said the controversy helped ticket sales. Numbers were not released but ticket sales "exceeded expectations".

"I heard they picked up with the news Bobby has had his visa approved," said Mr Ratten.

"We are here in Australia making sure we sell more tickets to the shows here."

Sunday, July 15, 2007

LeBron James Perform "My Prerogative" at The ESPY Awards

Funny and very entertaining!! Enjoy! Even Bobby thought he did a good job.

L. James My Prerogative

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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Bobby On Bin Laden and Australia

BAD boy singer Bobby Brown says an al-Qaeda plot to kill him will not thwart his Melbourne show on Thursday.

"Come on, if anybody is threatened by al-Qaeda they'd take it seriously," said Brown, who is increasing security.

Even by Brown's standards, an assassination plot ordered by Osama bin Laden is bizarre.

Sudanese writer Kola Boof has claimed bin Laden is besotted with Brown's former wife, Whitney Houston, and wants her for himself.

Brown said he has boosted behind-the-scenes security and will keep those arrangements for his coming Australian tour.

"I figure if bin Laden wants me, and everybody is looking for him, it probably won't happen," Brown said.

"But if he wants to try and find me for something so stupid, he can do what he wants.

"I have to leave it in the hands of my higher power."

Brown and Houston, who wed in 1992, divorced last year.

Brown, 38, bad tempered, scandal-plagued and often arrested, said he had been busy building a new life.

"All that fighting, all that stuff, is behind me now," he said.

"I'm just enjoying life and everything about it.

"My responsibility is to help my kids grow and understand what life is about.

"I think I do a pretty good job at that."

Brown said he remembers his last visit to Melbourne, with Houston, in 1996.

But he does not recall being evicted from a plush penthouse villa at Crown casino because they reportedly trashed their room.

"That won't happen this time," he said.

"I'm a new man."

Bobby Brown gets green light for NZ

American R 'n' B singer Bobby Brown has been given a visa to perform in New Zealand despite concerns raised by a Labour MP.

Rotorua MP Steve Chadwick was concerned about his suitability for a work visa due to his run-ins with the law. As well as being famous for his trouble-plagued marriage to Houston, Brown, the singer of hits such as Don't be Cruel and My Prerogative, has drug and violence convictions.

Chadwick wanted him to be treated like any Kiwi trying to gain entry to the USA would be.

"I'm often asked to help someone from New Zealand with a record to get into America or to other countries and the same rules should apply," she said.

However, immigration authorities have given Brown the go-ahead and he will perform in Auckland on Wednesday night.

Last year American rap star Snoop Dogg gained entry to New Zealand for the second time. He has faced drugs and weapons charges, and was later denied entry to Australia.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Poor ticket sales led to concert being cancelled.

Publicist Leesa Tilley yesterday confirmed ticket sales had been a lot lower for the Rotorua concert than for the Auckland performance. However, she did not know exactly how many tickets had been sold for Sunday's Rotorua concert, although she had been told by the Australian-based promoter that it was "not in the hundreds".

Miss Tilley said there were several reasons why ticket sales had been poor and it was not just because of public comments surrounding whether Brown should be allowed into New Zealand due to his previous convictions.

"They certainly didn't help ticket sales. It put an absolute stop to it, especially in Rotorua. No one wants to buy tickets when they don't know whether he is coming."

Rotorua MP Steve Chadwick and performer Sir Howard Morrison had questioned whether he should be allowed into New Zealand .

Miss Tilley said Brown had been cleared to go to Australia and was still waiting for a visa for entry to New Zealand. Often artists left it quite late to get a visa and it was not generally an issue but in this case a politician "got wind of it", Miss Tilley said.

The Australian-based promoter has not responded to several messages left by the Daily Post.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bobby spotted at ESPY'S after party

The pop star was spotted at the ESPY after party, living up to his best bad reputation, with a double fist of hard liquor and beer. TMZ's sources say Brown started on the sauce and was walking around, downing drinks on the double, before the show was even over.

Perhaps Brown started boozing because he didn't appreciate being the butt of one of ESPY host Jimmy Kimmel's jokes. After Lebron James performed a not-so-stellar cover of Brown's sassy '90s hit, "My Prerogative," Kimmel quipped that "Bobby Brown just checked back into rehab as a result of that performance."

If you would like to read the story word for word, check out

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bobby Brown Rotorua show cancelled

An upcoming concert by R'n'B star Bobby Brown has been shelved.

Events Venues Rotorua has received a call from the Australian promoters, saying the concernt will not be going ahead this Sunday.

People who have already purchased tickets for the show will be refunded.

There is no word yet on his Auckland concert.

There has been speculation Brown's long list of criminal convictions in the United States, would place a New Zealand visa in jeopardy.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Brown told to apply for NZ work visa - quick

Bad boy American singer Bobby Brown will face character checks before being let into the country.

Brown has been in trouble with the law including on battery charges against his former wife singer and actress Whitney Houston.

Brown is set to perform two concerts in New Zealand but some are questioning whether he should be kept out of the country, given his rocky past.

Brown, due to perform in Rotorua on July 15 and in Auckland two days later, has yet to apply for a visa.

Department of Labour group manager for border security Api Fiso said the singer would have to apply for a work visa, like all musical entertainers wanting to work in New Zealand.

He said Brown's representative had been told the singer must apply for a work visa prior to coming.

"This application should be lodged as soon as possible in order to be considered," he said.

"As with all visa applications, the applicant must meet the standard entry requirements including health and character requirements."

Rotorua MP Steve Chadwick has raised Brown's proposed trip with Immigration Minister David Cunliffe, after being approached by the Rotorua Review, a community paper.

The paper, which posted a report on the Stuff website yesterday, suggested anyone with Brown's background should not be allowed into New Zealand.

"Aspects of Brown's questionable past, an unenviable litany of malevolence involving. . .sexual battery and drug use offences, have been raised with the (immigration) department," the report said.

It questioned why the singer should be allowed to enter New Zealand when "relatively minor indiscretions" would stop anyone entering the US.

Ms Chadwick said it was not up to her to judge, but she had said she would put the case to the minister.

"I heard today from David Cunliffe that no visa application has been received, so that's quite interesting given that the concert isn't far away."

The Immigration Service is part of the Department of Labour, and a department spokeswoman confirmed last night no visa application had been received from Brown.

The Rotorua Review said tickets for the Rotorua concert went on sale last week at $54 each.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Bad boy Brown's NZ visit in jeopardy

Two New Zealand appearances by r'n'b singer Bobby Brown are in jeopardy following political interest in his background.

Rotorua MP Steve Chadwick raised the issue with the Department of Immigration last week, after his visit was questioned by the Rotorua Review.

"I am surprised to hear that Bobby Brown is to be welcomed to Rotorua and New Zealand," Mrs Chadwick said in a statement to the Rotorua Review yesterday. "I believe immigration should respond on a quid pro quo basis," she said.

"Would such a guy from New Zealand be allowed into the United States, even if he was a famous muso? Bobby Brown is not a role model for our sons and daughters."

Brown is scheduled to perform in Rotorua on July 15 at the Energy Events Centre and in Auckland on July 18.

Tickets for the Rotorua show went on sale last week at $54 each.

The matter is understood to have been discussed by Cabinet yesterday, but a decision was too late for the Review.

Aspects of Brown's questionable past, an unenviable litany of malevolence involving rape, sexual battery and drug use offences, have been raised with the department.

The legendary chart busting singer of the 1980s and 90s, was once married to singer Whitney Houston.

It is also understood that following the Review's inquiry, other unsavoury aspects of Brown's muddied background have been uncovered.

The Review questioned why the singer should be allowed in New Zealand with his background in view of relatively minor indiscretions which can preclude anyone from entering the United States.

Mrs Chadwick said she was awaiting the "appropriate" response from the department.

"I won't be going to Bobby Brown's concert; not as a statement against his string of violations and convictions but because I don't like his music," Mrs Chadwick said.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Documentary: Who Stole the Soul?

The authenticity of soul music, more specifically Rhythm and Blues (R&B), mastered by pioneers such as Sam Cooke, Ray Charles and Quincy Jones, has been forced into obscurity due to the popularity of digitally mass produced tracks and lyrics recorded by current artists. In order to raise awareness and preserve the history of R&B music and its artists, we intend to create a documentary entitled Who Stole the Soul?, which poses the question, "What happened to R&B?" We will show that while many artists such as Puff Daddy and Kanye West have gained worldwide recognition for producing and writing, their music is rooted and stolen from a culture of live bands, four piece harmony sets and string instruments used by the musical icons of the 1960s and 70s.

You can finish reading the plot outline @


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