Thursday, July 28, 2005

It ain't easy 'Being Bobby Brown'

Bobby and Whitney jump on the reality TV bandwagon

Ozzy Osbourne. Anna Nicole Smith. Lisa and Brittny Gastineau. Nick and Jessica. Britney and Kevin. Paris and Nicole. Robbie Knievel. Even Farah Fawcett.

And now, Atlanta's own Bobby Brown-perhaps better known as "Mr. Whitney Houston."

"Being Bobby Brown"-the newest reality show to hit the airwaves-premiered last Thursday on the Bravo channel. The 10 p.m. show was the highest-rated series debut on the channel since late 2003 and the best Thursday premiere in Bravo's 25-year history according to, a television industry site. The show overcame brutally negative reviews to attract an average audience of 1.1 million people the vast majority of whom were in the 18-49 age demographic coveted by advertisers.

The show follows Brown, his pop superstar wife Whitney Houston and his extended family over a six-month period as they "put their lives back together," according to Bravo publicity material. The series will also "demystify Brown's relationships with Houston; their daughter, Bobbi Kristina; his children from previous relationships, La Princia and Bobby, Jr. and his brother Tommy, Bobby's personal manager."

Whew. That's a lot of 'splainin', Lucy.

Brown has publicly stated that he wanted to do the series to "show the real me, that I'm not like what the media portrays."

Observers say Brown was likely swayed into doing the series by the success of "The Osbournes" or "Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica," but reviewers are more readily comparing "Being Bobby Brown" to UPN's low-rated "Britney and Kevin: Chaotic." Critics have blasted both shows for being as dull as your neighbor's home videos.

The truth is that both Brown and Houston are undeniably talented performers-with Houston already considered a legend by many-but any success has been overshadowed by the pair's 15-year troubled and tempestuous relationship, which has landed Atlanta's infamous first couple in the tabloids time after time. Most notably, Brown was arrested last year for hitting Houston. Just a few months later she stood by his side in court, helping him get out on bond.

All of this promised to make TV's most outrageous reality series to date-"The Osbournes"-look like an old episode of "I Love Lucy." But Bobby and Whitney apparently aren't out for ratings. This is all about image rehabilitation. And that means lots and lots of happy footage: Bobby and Whitney dancing in a hotel lobby; Bobby and Whitney sneaking off to be alone; Bobby and Whitney getting a side-by-side massage. Not a whiff of the drama we've come to know and expect from Atlanta's most notorious couple.

"For me it's just what's going on in that moment in my life," Brown says in the series. "You might see me sitting all day in the house. For me, it's me. For other people, for some reason, they see the show and they're laughing, and I'm like, 'Why you laughing at me?' To them, I'm funny."

Helping her out with ...omigod!

Whether fans are laughing with Brown or at him may still be debatable.

Internet chatter about the show has been mostly positive, but public reviews and press have been just as negative.

In fact, "Being Bobby" may just be the "Seinfeld" of the reality genre: a show about nothing. Bobby gets out of jail, Bobby visits his kids in Boston, Bobby waits at an Atlanta hotel for a much-hyped reunion with his wife.

Despite this, fans are quick to defend the first two episodes.

At Atlanta's Club Vision nightclub-popular among "Being Bobby Brown"'s targeted audience of 18 to 34 year olds-almost everyone questioned for this article had seen the series.

"It was hilarious," one woman gushed. "We love Bobby and Whitney!"

"Aren't they so sweet together?" her friend asked. "He does everything for her."

Despite all of the happy-and often boring-footage, halfway through the first episode, most people watching seemed to be thinking the same thing: Is she or isn't she?

You see Whitney in sunglasses. You see Whitney withdrawn and moody. You see Whitney rail thin and snapping at fans. Again. And again. "God, I just want to be a real person!" she wails to the skies with outstretched arms after one woman dares to ask for a photo.

And it isn't just Whitney dodging the drug barbs thrown by viewers. Online postings on Web sites like Bravo's and MTV's have been inundated with comments similar to those of Atlanta's Ryan English, currently stationed in Baghdad but following the entertainment news back home. "I think you can sum [the show] up in, like, eight words: 'I will be able to buy more crizack.'"
What is certain is that the Browns and their production company-B2 Entertainment-began shooting six months' worth of material last year, winding up just before Whitney's month-long, court-ordered rehab session in April, 2005.

Regardless of how Houston comes across, Brown is undeniably congenial and loving. He indulges his wife-cooking for her, even providing way too much information about how he "helps her out when she's constipated."

Also crystal clear is what Brown wants to get out of the series: a resurrection of his late-80's musical popularity. In this regard, Executive Producer Tracey Baker-Simmons promises "many, many musical moments by Bobby," in upcoming episodes. Brown is to sing "old favorites" in a camping episode, and will sing new material while sitting at the piano in the episode after that one, according to Baker-Simmons.

His prerogative

One of the brightest R&B stars of the 1980s and early 1990s, Brown has been credited with creating and popularizing a musical genre called "new jack swing," an infectious blend of classic soul, new funk and maturing hip-hop beats that often showcased rap breaks between more radio-friendly hooks and choruses.

A founding member of New Edition, Brown left the group in 1986 for a solo career. Brown's second solo album, "Don't Be Cruel," released in 1988, landed him on the outer edge of modern R&B and spawned the No. 1 hit "My Prerogative," the song for which he is still best known, as well as the ballad "Roni," and the track that garnered him a Grammy in 1989 for Best R&B Vocal Performance by a Male, "Every Little Step."

While he may have faded out of the music scene, Brown is still well known to Atlanta law enforcement. He's been arrested for drunk driving, spousal abuse and failure to appear in traffic court. He's been jailed in DeKalb County and in Massachusetts, where he was ordered to pay almost $65,000 in back child support. His seemingly nonchalant attitude toward the law may be rubbing off on his wife, who nailed a MARTA bus in Alpharetta with her Porsche earlier this year and promptly left the scene of the crime.

"Look, I'm just an entertainer, trying to get back in," Brown has told Atlanta reporters. And that part remains believable.

An associate who used to frequent Atlanta's nightclubs with Brown tells SP that

not only does Brown have an album in the works, "he already has two or three banked, and is just waiting on the publicity from the show to drop them."

The former club pal, who spoke on condition of anonymity, says Brown has sincerely cleaned up his act this time.

"No one around here has really seen him for like two years. Used to be you'd see him almost every night at Holyfield's or Taboo or 112 or Atlanta Live," he says. "Not no more."

Rico Wade, a well-known Atlanta musician who normally makes up part of Organized Noize, wrote the TV series' theme song for Brown.

"I have nothing but respect for Bobby's talent," Wade says. "I've seen him working hard in the studio here, in Connecticut and in L.A. He deserves this."

Perhaps the excitement of the series is already having some impact on the couple since, as it turns out, Bobby isn't the only one clocking studio time. Houston is currently recording a new album with the legendary Clive Davis, former head of now-defunct Arista, on Davis' five-year-old and inarguably successful label, J Records. But while Houston's CD will surely sell well, at least among her most loyal fans, such an undertaking is a much larger gamble for Brown after his 15-year absence from the notoriously fickle R&B and hip-hop scene.

"Although there are never any guarantees," Baker-Simmons admits, "This series will give people a perspective on Bobby they haven't had before and they won't see him as the monster holding Whitney hostage."

The series will prominently feature a new single by Brown, "They Don't Know Me," according to Baker-Simmons. "Call it part two of 'My Prerogative,'" she says. And, in the series' seventh of 10 episodes, reggae fans will be treated to seeing Brown in Miami recording a hook for a Stephen Marley song to be released on the artist's album later this year.

But is a chance to take another bite at the music apple really worth the scrutiny and ridicule?

"I've said all along that doing the show was my prerogative," Brown has said. "Watching it is yours." Thanks Sam

Vibe Magazine Interview

In the September 2005 (Jamie Foxx on the cover) issue of Vibe magazine Bobby and Whitney gives a four page interview.

Friday, July 22, 2005

T- Boz of TLC enjoys "Being Bobby Brown"

" 'Being Bobby Brown'? I watch it every week," T-Boz said. "Whitney -to me-is making the show. She's hilarious!" Thank you T.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Yahoo Launch adds rare Bobby Videos

Don't Be Cruel(accapella version), The Every Little Hit video and Rock Wit'cha videos were added on Bobby's page. , Thanks QVGangsta

Monday, July 18, 2005

Happy Anniversary

Today marks Bobby and Whitney's 13th year of marriage, God bless and I wish them another 13 more.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

You Asked. Bobby Brown Answered (Bobby's Online BET Interview)

Posted July 13, 2005 - Bobby Brown, the former New Edition member and current husband to Whitney Houston, took our phone call, and we decided it would be a great time to ask him all your crazy questions. So click below to see what he had to say about season two of "Being Bobby Brown," This relationship with Whitney and New Edition.

Maria_7 asked: Why are you so in love with Whitney?
Brown: She's my everything. When I look at her I see God. I don't beat around the bush with love and she doesn't either. She fights hard for love just like I do.

all4u asked: Will you be a part of a New Edition reunion?
Brown: We will work together again. There will be another tour. We don't know when yet but we're in the process. We are definitely back together.

Towau asked: How after all these years do you and Whitney keep the relationship so fresh and new?
Brown: We play phone tag. We plan trips together. We see who can call each other the most in one day or in one hour. We send each other little gifts on the sly that the other doesn't know about. It's easy to keep it going when you have respect. And you also have to give each other space and room. But you always have to be there for the other person and she's always there for me.

cheruiyot asked: Any plans to release more albums in the future?
Brown: Oh, yea. There should be a new album coming out in the next two months. I got a lot of hot new tracks on it, a lot of ballads, and uptempo stuff. I think its going to be a double album. But I've also been working with my nephew and my son to get their albums out-I have to put them out too. They are as much a part of me as I am a part of New Edition. So look for my son, the Brown Bomber, soon. And expect Whitney to put out her own album. She's got some hot producers on it, like Jermaine Dupri who wrote some great songs. I'll do two cuts on it. I'm really just looking forward to staying busy. This show puts all your business out on front street. Did you have any reservations about it? Was there anything you didn't want to show?
Brown: I really don't want anyone to see me or my wife butt-ass naked. You might get a sneak shot of me. (Laughs) Nah, really there's nothing I'm afraid of. From the show it seems clear that you really like attention from fans while you're wife seems to back away from it. Has that always been the case?
Brown: My wife is really protective of the kids. She doesn't want the pictures and autographs, because if she's doing that, she has to take time away from the kids. So, one of us has to be the kind one. We take turns. It just so happens that the camera caught it when it was my turn. Does it bother you that despite putting all of your business out there on a reality show that rumors of drugs and abuse still persist? Is there anything you want to say to people who still think something bad must be going on?
Brown: I don't want to answer to any of the rumors. None of that really matters to me, you know. If they don't appreciate me as an artist, as man then I don't want to be a part of them or what they say. Respect me and I will respect you. I don't pass judgment, so don't judge me. I try to better myself on an everyday basis. I don't care if people try to hurt me. Words don't hurt me.

What matters is my love for my family. I'm just a person. And I'm trying to be as a good a husband as an entertainer or father. I want everything to line up- that completes me. What I am is what I am. I won't change. Will there be another season of "Being Bobby Brown?"
Brown: I'm hoping that we will do another season. As you said, I love the attention. I don't mind being on camera. If they want us back, we'll come back. We'll give them what they want. We just hope you enjoy it. We're here to entertain.

Thank You Tippy Tippy Tab.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Finally, a real reality show

This week college students are watching the reality show "Being Bobby Brown."

In the course of six months (or every Thursday at 9 p.m. on Bravo for the TV audience), the show's Grammy-award winning namesake and his superstar wife, Whitney Houston, work to put their topsy-turvy lives back on track.

"Being Bobby Brown" gives a bird's-eye view of the power couple's lifestyle, along with children LaPrincia, Bobby Kristina, and Bobby Jr.

From award wins to court dates, the couple's turbulent relationship has been highly publicized- but that doesn't stop us from wanting more. In "Being Bobby Brown," we see the family's lighthearted moments and the parents' childlike hearts.

In the late '80s and early '90s, Brown and Houston were both musical sensations, but Houston's four-octave vocal range dominated the industry. Although the show is titled "Being Bobby Brown," critics had predicted Whitney's star power would overshadow her husband.

But, viewer Shannon Whetstone said, "one begins to notice the humility that he has ... I'd rather watch "Being Bobby Brown" rather than "Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica." The Browns are giving the American public their true selves, and the Simpsons are portraying what they think everyone wants to see."

Brown and Houston really do have "Something In Common!"

Monday, July 11, 2005

20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best Of Bobby Brown.

Format: Compact Disc
Release Date: July 12, 2005
Original release year: 2005
Label: Geffen Records (USA)

Price: $9.99

Track Listing:

1. Girlfriend
2. Don't Be Cruel
3. My Prerogative
4. Roni
5. Every Little Step
6. On Our Own
7. Rock Wit'cha
8. Humpin' Around
9. Get Away
10. That's The Way Love Is
11. Good Enough

Friday, July 08, 2005

I Have Finally Met Mr. Bobby Brown

How much do I love Mr. Jimmy Kimmel? A lot! He was generous enough to ask Bobby if he would meet me (I was at the July 6 taping of the show).

Here is my account of what happen:


Anyway the story, OMG I was so nervous to begin with, so I was outside standing in the heat (hot as hell ya'll) talking to some chick that worked for the show and asking her about different ways to get messages to the guest. She tells me to try and get the attention of the hype man in my head I was like ok that will never happen. I was FRONT ROW, the studio is really small, so the hype man come out and this guy is CRAZY he starts singing 50 cent songs to me and then asked my name and of course I told him and he said he is going to call me sexpot. So he goes off and my heart is beating so hard I was like oh shit Bobby will be out in a few minutes.

The guy introduced Jimmy and he comes out and asks the audience "who is from out of town?" I raise my hand and he asked where from and I told him. So he asked why was I there and I said to see Bobby, he then ask was Bobby my ultimate celebrity and I said yes, I mentioned BBO. He asked about a chick in a Bobby video and I told him I was not trying to see her and then he asked if Whitney knew I was obsessed with Bobby my response: "Hell to the naw," so he asked if I had ever met Bobby before and if I was at the last show of course the answers were no to both. Jimmy asked why I wasn’t at the last show and I told him that I found out about it too late. After that he asked how often I go to BBO and I responded by saying I am the owner of the site and he was like "oh," well I will see if I can get you a meeting with Bobby at the commercial break, my heart dropped to my stomach. He did mention for me to be excited for the other guests and that I looked really, really nervous and you guys have no idea how nervous I was.

Jimmy came out again this time to start taping the show he gives me the finger crossed signal and I smile so hard; he then does his opening and interviews Tim Roth so I'm clapping and smiling and in the back of my mind I an going crazy, FOR REAL!! Where I was sitting Bobby was 5ft. From me (Jimmy also mentioned that he would have 3 bodyguards between us, LOL). So now its Bobby's turn and he introduces him at that point I honestly believe my heart stopped, Bobby and I looked at one another and smiled, OMG I was so HAPPY!!! That was hot, so they talk and show clips from the show and I am screaming clapping, reppin' hard. Bobby segment is over and I see Jimmy whispering in Bobby's ear, at this point I am NOT making eye contact because I am near passing the hell out. Next thing I know Bobby jumps out of his chair with his arms out smiling at me and I jumped the hell up he hugged and kissed me on my right cheek. I whispered thank you, I love you and PLEASE visit the site...He tells me that he loves me back and that he will visit. OMG OMG OMG, a smile from ear to ear was on my face and still is.

While they were taping Bobby's part I guess the producer told them to tape me because there were two cameras pointing in my direction the entire time , hopefully I didn't give them anything incriminating.


People and US Weekly Reviews

On my way to L.A. I met two wonderful ladies on the plane, Molly and Sarah Hassler. Both are fans of "Being Bobby Brown" and hopefully they will join the message board and give their inputs. They were kind enough to let me have their People and US Weekly magazine (Thank You again)

Here are the stories that are in both (July 11th Issues).

Us Weekly:

Bobby Bounces Back

On Being Bobby Brown (premiering June 30, Bravo, 10 P.M.), the troubled hip-hopper, 36, shows his good side (quality family time with kids) and bad (a court appearance for a allegedly hitting wife Whitney Houston). Hey, it's his prerogative!

Ever get tired of the cameras?

I snapped a few times. They can come in the bedroom, but they can't stay, you know?

Why air you legal woes on TV?

You have to see my side...What I go through every day. Don't judge me till you know me!


Being Bobby Brown (reviewed by Mike Lipton)

"it's a new day," Bobby Brown tells his wife, Whitney Houston, on vacation in the Bahamas. "We got to think about nothing from the past." Actually the couples volatile history together is all I could think about while wading into this edgy, eight part cinema-verite portrait. In 2003 Brown, an R & B singer of fading renown, was arrested for allegedly hitting Houston, the Grammy-winning diva. The charge was eventually dropped with her support. Houston, meanwhile, has had two stints in drug rehab, the most recent this spring. Being Bobby Brown, shot during a six month period last year, glosses over the couples troubles while portraying them as teasing and affectionate with each other. In the first two episodes, through, there's an underlying tension, hints of wounds unhealed. Mindful of his bad-boy image, Bobby seems anxious to recast himself as a lovable rogue-horsing around with his kids (he has four, three from previous relationships),flirting with his masseuse and blustering about his maturity. At 38, "I'm growing up, man," he says. That's debatable. Whitney has to rein him in with blunt reprimands (she threatens to punch him over that masseuse). She also displays some unflatteringly diva-ish behavior, shooting away a fan who dares to interupt her meal. For all the unwanted attention, she and Brown are drawn to the camera like a pair of preening lions. They are never more on-and more spontaneously themselves-than when slow-dancing in the middle of a hotel lobby before a gaggle of tourists. To watch them revel tarnished celebrity is oddly uplifting.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Brown's Touching Message To Bomb Victims

R+B star BOBBY BROWN paid a touching tribute to Londoners who lost their lives in bombings yesterday (07JUL05) by posting a special message at the beginning of his new US reality show.

The third episode of the hit show, BEING BOBBY BROWN, aired last night and featured Brown and his wife WHITNEY HOUSTON holidaying in the British capital.

So as not to appear insensitive, Brown, who is the executive producer of the Bravo show and his fellow producers agreed to pay a brief tribute to the dead.

At the top of the show, a message read, "Tonight's episode of Being Bobby Brown was filmed several months ago in London.

"Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are with all those affected by today's tragic events."

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Bobby in August '05 Issue of Sister 2 Sister Magazine

Details of Bobby's nephews confrontation at Justin's: What Really Happened?

Thank You T.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Bobby Brown's 20th Century Masters: Dvd Collection

you can pre-order it now at, This item will be released on August 30, 2005 and the cost of the dvd is $7.98.

Friday, July 01, 2005

More Than One Million Viewers Tuned Into "Being Bobby Brown"




NEW YORK-July 1, 2005- The June 30 premiere of Bravo's new reality series, "Being Bobby Brown," averaged more than 1.1 million total viewers over two back-to-back original episodes. The series, which takes a fly-on-the-wall look at Grammy-winning Bobby Brown, and his life as a husband, father, and friend, burst onto Bravo's Thursday night lineup averaging a 1.1 household rating (up 199% from the season-to-date time-period average), 829,000 adults 18-49 (up 293%), 768,000 adults 25-54 (up 240%) and 429,000 adults 18-34 (up 393%)- becoming the highest rated Thursday program premiere in the 25-year history of the network.

"Being Bobby Brown" also ranked as the number one cable original premiere of the night for the time-period in adults 18-49.

The second half-hour episode posted increases of five percent in total viewers, six percent in 18-49 and 21 percent in adults 18-34. The premiere was Bravo's highest rated series premiere since "Celebrity Poker Showdown" on December 2, 2003 in households, total viewers, adults 18-34, 18-49 and P25-54.

"'Being Bobby Brown' shows a rarely displayed verite glance at the lives of a pop culture icon and his famous family," said Lauren Zalaznick, President of Bravo. "The strong growth of the series over the course of the first two episodes demonstrates the audience's desire to come to Bravo for a deep, inside peek into the lives of these megastars."

"Being Bobby Brown" is co-produced by B2 Entertainment and Brownhouze Entertainment for Bravo. Tracey Baker-Simmons is executive producer and Wanda Shelley is producer for B2 Entertainment. Bobby Brown and his brother Tommy Brown are co-executive producers of the series.


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