Friday, April 29, 2005

New Edition wants Bobby Brown back, troubles and all

NEW YORK Bobby Brown's old group, New Edition, says they would welcome back the troubled singer. "No matter what, we love that brother," Ricky Bell told AP Radio recently. "I mean, this is for real; this is no politically correct answer or anything like that. The door is open for him." After forming as a Jackson Five-style R&B group in the early '80s, New Edition's hits included Candy Girl and Cool It Now. Brown left for a solo career in 1986, though New Edition reunited for a short-lived comeback in 1996. Brown, who married Whitney Houston in 1992, took off with singles such as Don't Be Cruel. But he progressively became known more for his drug and alcohol arrests. Bell says that even in his New Edition days, Brown's troubles were evident. "It wasn't something he was trying to hide," Bell says. "You'd see the mood swings and the change in attitude." But Bell adds that when Brown wasn't drinking, "We (would) see that he's a sharp individual, a talented individual, a family man." Brown, 36, will be the subject of a new eight-episode reality TV show, Being Bobby Brown, that will debut on Bravo June 30. The show will also feature Houston, who has had problems of her own. In March, the 41-year-old singer checked herself into a rehabilitation center for the second time in a year.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Brown on Battery (Bobby on Extra)

Meanwhile, he was charged with battery, and now Bobby Brown is speaking out about whether or not he really hit wife Whitney Houston.

"Me hitting my wife, or things like that, that's just ridiculous," Bobby insisted. "They charge me with that s***, but they don't know."

So, that seems like a pretty strong no, especially since the battery charge was eventually dropped. You can see more of Bobby's intimate interview Thursday night on VH1's "Behind the Music: New Edition

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Singer will face music for failing to set up kids' college fund

A judge who lashed out at Bobby Brown in the past is expected to grill the r & b singer next week, this time for ignoring a court order to set up a college education fund for his two children.

The deadbeat dad was due in Norfolk Probate Court in Canton yesterday, but the case was delayed to May 4 so Judge Paula Carey could hear it.

Carey has ordered Brown to appear in court every month to make sure he's paying child support.

This time, Brown will have to explain why he hasn't put a dime in a $170,000 college fund for the two kids he has with ex-girlfriend Kim Ward of Stoughton, said Norfolk Register of Probate Patrick W. McDermott.

Carey sent the Roxbury native to jail in March last year, where he stayed a day before he came up with $63,500 in back child support. Brown's lawyer claimed the former chart-topper was broke and his troubled wife, Whitney Houston, paid the bills.

In June of last year, he fell behind $16,500. Two weeks ago, he owed $15,000 in child support, but has since paid up through June.

Brown was in Boston Monday night at the Celtics game and to see his children, who are on school vacation, according to a source.

Bravo Upfront: Dalai Lama Meets Bobby Brown

"Being Bobby Brown," a look inside the life of the former R&B star--and husband of Whitney Houston, although the show doesn't feature the fallen diva's check-in to rehab. Still, "Being Bobby Brown" does show the star getting some advice from the Dalai Lama, the exiled Tibetan monk.


Whitney's hubby gets real

Bobby Brown is baring his life on a reality show that will start airing this summer. "Being Bobby Brown" will also feature his wife, Whitney Houston, their daughter, his children from previous relationships, and his brother Tommy, who acts as his personal manager. The show will run for eight episodes, starting June 30 at 10 p.m. on Bravo.


Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Reality show to premiere on June 30

Being Bobby Brown: This eight-part half-hour series, premiering on June 30, examines the seemingly chaotic world of musician Bobby Brown, featuring his wife singer Whitney Houston and the rest of his family.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Bobby Brown Says No Money, No Talkee

My Prerogative: Whitney Houston made international headlines in 2002 when she told Diane Sawyer, show me the receipts,after being asked about her cocaine addition. Now her husband Bobby Brown will likely make headlines of his own, only his catch phrase is borrowed from the film Jerry Maguire. Show me the money! Thats what Brown told The National Enquirer senior reporter Patricia Shipp when she phoned him in room 337 at St. Jamess Club in Antigua.

Shipp phoned Brown to see if hed chat on the record with Americas favorite tabloid about the story in the April 25 issue of The National Enquirer about his sexual escapades in Antigua with other women, while Houston is in rehab at Antiguas Crossroads Centre. He told me that he would talk to me if I paid him $1 million, said Shipp, laughing.

Brown stressed to Shipp that the interview had to take place face-to-face. He also wanted cash. He said absolutely no checks she added.

Shipp, who broke news in 2001 about Rev. Jesse Jacksons fathering a child out of wedlock, told the My Prerogative singer: Bobby, come on. What could you possibly say that is worth $1 million?

Could you imagine her trying to get through international security at the airport with a suitcase full of that amount of money?

The National Enquirer article detailing Browns alleged rendezvous with a 19-year-old Antiguan waitress named Samara Emmanuel is on newsstands now. The issue also features photos of a disheveled Houston, just before she entered the rehabilitation center.

Jawn has news on Tyrese, Shaun Robinson, Ryan Seacrest, Jermaine Dupri, The Kurt Carr Singers, and more in this weeks Juice. Plus, find out why Bow Wow has beef with Mario! If you want the Juice, read MORE


Thursday, April 14, 2005

Behind the Music: New Edition

VH1 will be airing this special on New Edition starting at 11 am EST on April 28, check the message board for all of the times under the Bobby TV Appearances section.

Brown in the red?

Habitual deadbeat-dad Bobby Brown was a no-show in probate court in Canton yesterday where the mother of his two kids was seeking more than $15,000 in delinquent child-support payments. Mr. Whitney Houston reportedly is three to four months in arrears in support payments to Kim Ward, the mother of his two kids. The case was continued until later in the month. Brown, whose superstar wife recently checked into rehab, is under order to pay $5,500 a month in child support for the kids. But he has been repeatedly hauled into Norfolk Probate Court for non-payment. Sources say Brown has also failed to set up a $170,000 college fund he is under court order to provide. Brown served a day in jail last year for failing to comply with a court order to pony up. Stay tuned.


Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Bobby Brown No Show in Court

R+B pioneer BOBBY BROWN failed to turn up at a Massachusetts court Tuesday (12APR05) to explain non-payment of child-support to the mother of his two kids. The DON'T BE CRUEL singer, 36, has two teenage children - aged 13 and 15 - with ex-love KIM WARD, who he dated before wedding singer WHITNEY HOUSTON in July 1992. Last year (MAR04), Brown spent one day of a 90-day sentence behind bars for breaking a 10-year agreement with Ward to pay child support, as well as set up trust funds for the two youngsters. Brown claimed he couldn't afford to pay Ward, but was released from jail after eventually finding the money and paying her $63,500 (GBP33,000).Local newspaper BOSTON HERALD reports Brown was a no-show at Canton Probate Court Tuesday, where Ward was seeking between three to four months in arrears in payments, amounting to over $15,000 (GBP7,900). The case has been delayed until later this month (APR05).

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Bobby Brown voted #63 biggest pop stars of the last 25 years

THIS LIST compiles all rap,rnb,pop,rock or any other music genre,and Bobby Brown has been voted #63 biggest pop stars out of 500 pop stars.


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